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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween, or is it Happy Holidays?!

I am a fanatic about the holidays.  I love them!  Now I am not one of those who goes all out decorating, or spends her time in the kitchen baking for everyone, but I just love the "feel" of the holidays.

You won't find me out shopping the day after Thanksgiving, or shopping the day after Christmas in the malls, but you will find me snuggled up by a fire.  Or enjoying a crisp cool morning or evening.  There is something about the air, it smells different, it feels different.

The ground covered in leaves, rain, and the fog settling in around the valley is spectacular.  Now my thing is Holiday music though.  I listen to it starting in October.  Yes, I can't help myself.  I love it!  It makes me smile, makes me think of earlier times in my life, it makes me think about my dad who has been gone now for 7 and a half years, my grandma's who have been gone for many years, and my childhood that has also been gone, for many years (if you didn't know, lol).

I asked my son the other day, "Do you like Christmas music?" and he looked at me and said "Yes, mommy!" and that was enough for me, and honestly all that matters to me.  That he is happy.  So really what do the holidays mean for me?  They mean its another season that I get to share with my son, that I get to watch him change and grow and explore, it is another time of joy for he and I.

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Christmas 2014

Monday, October 17, 2016

Everybody's Doing It.....Jewelry that is

Is there anyone who is not "making" jewelry today?  I mean every time I turn around someone famous has decided to make/design jewelry.  It's something they always wanted to do, according to them.  I often wonder how long "always" is?

I have been making/designing jewelry for over a decade.  Since my mid 20's to be exact.  I have done it day and night, I have worked hard to figure out how to self teach myself, how to design, how to create, how to start a business, how to do shows, what shows to do, which ones don't work for me.  It has been a long, tiring, inspiring, fabulous adventure. 

Now, the thing I have learned is that there is room for all of us in the jewelry world.  I do believe that.  But what I also believe is that there is something to be said for the designer who has been creating, and forging forward in an industry that is overwhelmed with people.  Look at Etsy, there are more designers than we can count.  It is almost impossible to be found on Etsy if you are "newish", "smallish", or your prices reflect the actual cost of handcrafting pieces.

Well with all that said, what I want to say is that, it is all inspiring, there is a place for it all.  I read a quote recently that said something to the effect of, "just because you aren't there today, doesn't mean you won't be tomorrow". 


Hello Tomorrow!

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

New Website for Jewelry Designs

Do you own a business?  Do you want to?  What is difficult for you to keep up with?

For me it's wanting to change, update things all the time.  Make them fresh, renewed, inspiring, manageable, complimentary, relevant, all of the above.  It is never easy to come up with new ideas, new designs, new works.

It takes time, energy, focus, decision making, all of which I can do, but none of which I thoroughly do when it comes to certain issues.  As you may have figured out, my son is number one on my priority list.  Then comes my second child, my business.  Which is why I hired Lauren, to help, as like my nanny, with my second child.

So first on our agenda was updating the website.  If you have seen my work, then you know it is somewhat raw, organic, as I like to put it, perfectly imperfect.  It never looks the same, but is always colorful, honest, wearable, affordable, and complimentary.  So the website also needed to be.

Lauren created the background, a turquoise (my favorite), ocean feel using rough wood as the backdrop.  I use wood displays at market and this fit perfectly.  She redid my logo and gave me something a little softer, but still similar.  I like it, it is round, I like round!

Overall if you haven't seen the old site, well then you will not notice, but if you have and you haven't visited the new site, well please do so.  Let me know what you think!  I would love to hear!!  www.rosegilleydesigns.com

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

How not to do a Blog?

Just don't post anything.  I can't believe it has been a whole month since I last put anything down. Don't ask what I have been doing, I myself do not know.  Maybe creating, maybe playing, maybe just hanging out with my favorite boy. 

Well whatever it has been, it has had nothing to do with this blog.  So what is new?  Not much, I have been spending most of my time just playing in the studio.  Doing some large pieces that I have wanted to do for a long time, but haven't gotten around to.  Since I skipped out on shows this summer, it has given me more time to play.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rose Gilley Designs New Jewelry Website

With the addition of my intern, has come a little change.  I have really liked my website for a long time, but let's be honest, I am not a techy.  Not even a "t", so when Lauren joined me, we sat down and took a look at what I like and don't like. 

I love turquoise, it is truly the color I choose to surround myself with.  My designs most often have a variation of turquoise in them, or at least blues and greens.  My clothing is mostly blue, the walls in my house are turquoise, literally surround myself.  So it was a no brainer to go turquoise.  The wood walls are perfect, it is what I use to display my jewelry at shows, and honestly I love different variations of wood, in particular, redwood as I am from the redwoods. 

Last, I like clean, so turquoise and clean.  So take a look at my new website www.rosegilleydesigns.com, let me know what you think.  I am excited.  It is still a little rough, needs a bit of clean up, but it's progress!!!  Love it!

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Growing Up

I did it. I finally hired an intern. Her name is Lauren. It is nice to see RGD expand a little. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time. But for many different reasons I didn't.

Mostly because of trust, cost to do business, etc. Then one day there she was. Just through a normal conversation we started talking and the more I knew, major in Graphic Arts, her own personal experience with small business and her drive, it suddenly dawned on me, huh maybe she could intern for me. 

After a few emails to junk we finally connected and now she has expanded my little business to two. She works about 10 hours a week. But her ideas, initiative, and fresh perspective is inspiring and exciting. She is working on some rebranding for me as well as outreach online materials. 

Not to say it will all work out exactly as I hope, but I can hope that things work out for a while! Wish me luck on this next step in RGD journey!!

Friday, July 29, 2016

The importance of Social Media Feed?

So as a business owner, and as a jewelry designer, I spend a lot of time reading about how to increase traffic, to my site, to my IG, to my show schedule, etc.  And I have to tell you there is a lot of information out there.  Everyone is doing everything for "free", giving you all the secrets, telling you everything they have learned, and it is pretty amazing.

But I have to tell you, my pieces are on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and I feel that my descriptions are telling, my pictures are professional, and I still don't get the traffic that some sites do.  I have a theory on why, I think there are some businesses just through the nature of their price points, are going to receive more attention from the Etsy and Amazon Handmade sites.  

Now, I also think though that their are those that have done such a good job on their social feeds, that they are driving business to their shops.  I follow so many jewelry designers, and there are some whose feeds make me want to go out and buy all their pieces.

I think ultimately that is what appeals to us, not the words, but the visual.  It feeds on our desire to have/be surrounded by beautiful things.  It's human nature. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

What's Important in Life?

In today's world things are ever changing, and in some instances they can be scary.  I watch the news this morning regarding the shooting of teens in a night club in Florida and it breaks my heart.  I can't help but think about my son, and think about his life and his safety.

Sometimes in my day to day life I find myself getting caught up in what, honestly, isn't very important.  It seems like it in the moment, because you can get caught up in, this or that.  But ultimately whats most important are our loved ones.  Trying to step back and reflect on the big picture can sometimes be difficult.  But in the other hand it is necessary so as not to get caught up in those things that aren't important. 

That is why I have found myself doing more to enjoy my life with my son, and just a little less of focusing on the "other" stuff.  It has been great, and much needed.  I will continue to do that, as life is too short.  I know in my final days, breathes, it will always be about those I love. 

What's Important in Life?

In today's world things are ever changing, and in some instances they can be scary.  I watch the news this morning regarding the shooting of teens in a night club in Florida and it breaks my heart.  I can't help but think about my son, and think about his life and his safety.

Sometimes in my day to day life I find myself getting caught up in what, honestly, isn't very important.  It seems like it in the moment, because you can get caught up in, this or that.  But ultimately whats most important are our loved ones.  Trying to step back and reflect on the big picture can sometimes be difficult.  But in the other hand it is necessary so as not to get caught up in those things that aren't important. 

That is why I have found myself doing more to enjoy my life with my son, and just a little less of focusing on the "other" stuff.  It has been great, and much needed.  I will continue to do that, as life is too short.  I know in my final days, breathes, it will always be about those I love. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Growth of Rose Gilley Designs

My little business has always been very little.  It has ebbed and flowed depending on the time of my life as well.  Five years ago it was growing and doing quite well.  Three years ago, a little guy came into my life and it definitely took a back seat to him. 

The last 3 years I have done a few things differently, not as many shows, I haven't traveled to Tucson once, I have stayed home more, played more with my son, and just let go a little.  Most recently I have given over the PR side to a firm, and now I have brought on a wonderful, bright, motivated women who has a great skill set.  Her name is Lauren and she is working for RGD as an intern.  Her background is in graphic design, and she is helping me with creating a new look, creating consistency among all the various sites that I have, and helping develop consistent concepts. 

It is exciting and definitely gets my thought process rolling on all the things I want to accomplish! So here is to seeing a few new things in the upcoming months!!! 

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jewelry Class Coming Soon

So I am taking off this show season for a couple of reasons.  I am interested in learning some new skills, adjusting my designs a little, and just honestly taking a break. 

So I plan to take a class at the Revere Academy in San Francisco.  I am very excited, the last time I took a course to expand my knowledge base was when I was 5 months pregnant.  I wasn't sure if it was such a good idea, it was a shaping, doming, hammering course, but I think it is the reason my son now loves to work with me. 

So I plan to take a stone setting course, not bezeling, but pave setting, and I am so exceptionally excited.  I have wanted to take a course like this for a long time.  I have all these wonderful ideas in my mind and want to be able to execute them, well. 

So, that is what is on the horizon....#newskills

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Summertime and A Special Vacation

I have been fortunate to take off the last couple of weeks and spend time with my boy.  Of all the things in my life that I would like to do, spending time with him is number 1, by far! 

Several months ago I decided that I wanted to do something special with him during our time off.  I was thinking maybe a day trip to a theme park, something within an hour or two but somehow I was led to LEGOLAND.  Now, this is not a place I ever heard of growing up.  To be honest, until a couple of years ago, when neighbors of mine mentioned it, it never crossed my radar. 

So after much, much, much research, including, rides, height to go on rides, age restrictions, and of course in general toddler interest, I decided on LEGOLAND. Now, LEGOLAND is not in San Diego, it is in a small town outside of San Diego, called Carlsbad.  We stayed at a hotel right up the hill from LEGOLAND, we had our own private entrance.  The hotel was also 2 miles from the beach, a straight drive down the hill and you are there. 

Overall we had an amazing time!!!  The rides were fabulous, the Coastasauras I believe was both our favorites, but my son also really loved the cars ride, and he now has 15 drivers licenses.  There was a water park, which was amazing, giant slides, pools, lazy river, honestly exceeded my expectations. 

Overall it was amazing.  We went to the park everyday, once to the ocean, we spent evenings swimming in the heated pool, had late movie nights and room service. We ate ice cream or a popsicle of some sort every day (you must know my son loves these 2 things), and we just had an amazing time! 

There are no words to explain how happy I was to see him happy on this trip.  It was truly a blessing.  I now know how my dad felt when he did these types of things with me. As the parent you get so excited for your child and just want them to love it and fully take it in, and when they do, its the best feeling in the world.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fashion Week Los Angeles

I can honestly say I have never attended a fashion week.  I read about them.  Wonder what they are like, but have never attended.  To be honest I wouldn't know how to go about attending, or maybe I have never wanted to put that much energy in to figuring out what I would need to do, but recently I received an invitation to attend LA fashion week.  So after much thought, I have decided to go. 

Why, you may ask?

I decided the experience alone would be great.  Just being able to feel the energy, see new designs, new designers, really an honor.  But also for many other reasons.  It seems to be about networking, meeting new people, bloggers, individuals in the fashion industry, finding (maybe) a designer who would like to wear my pieces down the runway with their clothing line.  I feel like anything is possible. 

Now, I have made some other decisions as well, that are a little different, so who knows, maybe this will shake things up a bit.  I don't know, but it is worth trying!!

#fashionweek #losangeles #jewelry #fashion #October

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Rose Gilley Jewelry Designs on Uppler

I recently came across Uppler.  An online shopping experience for retailers and wholesalers.  It basically takes the shows, that we pay so much for, and puts them online.  It connects retailers to wholesalers from all over the world.  It is an interesting concept.  But will it work.

In the short time that I did the trial I received many inquiries and requests.  Which of course is a good sign.  And after that I received several requests from "customer service" to join.  So after some discussion with Uppler, I decided to give it a try for 3 months.

I have received 8 store inquiries, which is good, for not having to do anything.  But no orders yet.  In my defense, I had nothing listed, so that doesn't help.  But as of yesterday, I do.  I will keep you up to speed on the ever changing possibilities of Uppler.

#Uppler #jewelry #wholesale #boutique #rosegilleydesigns #jotd #jewelrydesigner

Saturday, May 21, 2016


I love Instagram!  As a viewer and as a business owner.  I love looking for businesses to follow be inspired by and learn from.  I enjoy a nice looking feed, consistent, visual appealing, and continual (meaning they are posting regularly).

I learn a lot from watching what others do, and seeing their success.  I also like finding feeds that have an aesthetic that is appealing to me personally, my own style if you will.  I find that sometimes the influence of Instagram is even suggestive in my jewelry.  I don't mean others jewelry, I mean the feeds aesthetic itself.  Which is really inspiring.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Summer Shows, Just Around the Corner

So yesterday was the first day I started looking at emails about summer shows.  It is a little overwhelming to think I need to decide now what to do for August or July.  With SF Market gone, I am off to Vegas, that much I know.  Now it is a matter of what show to do?  Not to mention, do I have a new line to present?

I have done ATS previously and although the show was quiet, I did well with new customers.  It is always nerve racking doing a new show because you don't know what it will be like, or if people will buy since your new.  It's just kind of an up and down process.

The nice thing about ATS is my booth set up is super easy!  I can get to the show with 2 suitcases and a child, LOL.  Of course I have my helper with me, I couldn't do it without her.  But I have done enough shows to know, it is super easy.

But then there is POOL, which at one time I was planning to do, but then changed my mind and went with ATS.  To be honest, you just never know what will be a good show.  This year, though, the umbrella of MAGIC has purchased ATS and a few other shows, so it could work out well!

Regardless I am going to do it.  I will find a way, as of this moment, I have committed to it in my head.  See you at ATS!!

Friday, April 29, 2016

San Francisco International Gift Fair or SF Market....Where did it go?

I have been attending the SF show in, obviously, San Francisco, for many years.  Many seasons it is the only show I am able to do.  It has over the years had fewer, and fewer buyers, but has still maintained, for me at least, a decent amount of buyers.

Now in its hay day it had so many buyers you couldn't see the floor, and you could barely keep up.  Those days ended many, many years ago.  The question has always been where did the buyers go?  Well my take is technology.  Once the internet came along, access became easier on so many different levels and people decided not to go to shows as much.  Also the number of shows has increased.  There are so many different types of shows: fashion, accessory, gift, baby, car, etc, etc. that one can only handle going to so many so you have to pick and choose.

That is the same for a business.  It has always been a struggle for me to decide where do I go?  I have tried lots of different shows, and although they all have their perks, ultimately in SF I still have always done very well.

So this winter we were told that the show could no longer be hosted in the Moscone Center and that it was moving to San Mateo, well for me that wouldn't work.  I have childcare, people that come into the city to help me, etc. and they all take the bus, train and then we have easy access to do things with my son.  So I had decided that there would be no summer SF show for me, I will be going to either Magic or ATS.

But then they sent out a notice that the show is cancelled all together.  I thought to myself, oh my goodness, how could they??  So many of my friends from the show rely on it for a portion of their revenues, and many for contact with old customers.  It will clearly impact them.

But ultimately, I am sad to think maybe the show doesn't come back.  I am hoping there is some strategy to their plan, that they continue to offer this regional show, but maybe with a new approach.  Creating a buzz.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Amazon, Handmade and Jewelry

Not to long ago, I was approved to join Amazon Handmade.  Now selling jewelry online is difficult.  Pictures are everything.  Good pictures can be difficult to take.  And then if you aren't able to take them, finding someone who can, can be difficult.

But I was fortunate to find a good photographer, who recently raised all her prices, and I now have good pics of my designs.  So I am working on updating my sites online where I sell my items.

I am always a little hesitant to start something new.  I did it with 11main and then they were bought out and that was the last I saw of any communication from them, or anything movement in general.  I have Etsy, but I still wonder how that truly works.  I think they have their "favorites" to some degree.

But Amazon has shown as a possibility in the sense that I have received quite a few sales in just a short amount of time.  So is it my pictures, or maybe people are realizing how wonderful my designs are, LOL.  Or is it Mother's Day?  I think it's the latter.  But with the holiday around the corner we will find out soon!!

#Amazon #Handmade #Jewelry #Jewelrydesigner #Jotd #workingmom

Monday, April 18, 2016

Social Media and Why It ISN'T Fair

So I am a small business, apparently.  And over the years as Facebook became the place to be for a business, especially small businesses, I have paid to send my business page out to followers on FB.   So now I have over 1700 followers on FB.  So that seems like a lot, and you would think that when you have that many followers, that when you post something at least a few hundred would see your posts.  And that many would actually like or comment.  However, not in my case.

In my case, sometimes only 10 will see my post, and most often the most is 20.  So why do I think this isn't fair.  First, I actually paid to advertise and received followers, but FB decides whose posts are important or whose aren't important enough to show to the world.  It's bullshit.  If it were truly fair, it would show all posts, regardless of what FB deems as "popular" and what they think isn't popular or important. 

So they pump those that are known and throw the others away.  What if those 1700 other followers actually want to see my post, what if it changed how my small business is looked at, maybe FB should reconsider their approach.

So now there is Instagram.  I have been on that for quite a while and have a couple hundred followers.  It has been pretty good for advertising and sharing my world.  Until recently.  I went from having a ton of views to very few.  Again, it's the same people deciding what's important and what isn't.  If you are being followed by someone then that person has chosen to watch you.  End of story.  In some ways FB/IG are no better than government.  They want to determine what you do, when you do it, what you spend, how you spend it, and then they decide what to do with it all in the end.

Do I sound frustrated, a little. In the scheme does in matter?  No.  But just the same, maybe it would matter if how they did things was for the good of all, and not just a few.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Vacation and Inspiration

I just took a vacation, much needed, from everything, jewelry, my life, and more.  It was a good vacation, although it had it's rough moments.  For instance, my son got food poisoning, ever watch a 2 year old have food poisoning, so sad.  Then 2 days later, an ear infection.  So basically the first 3 days were good, the rest, could have left them behind. 

But just the same it was still good at times.  We played on the beach, built sand castles, looked for treasures, took naps, ate (when feeling well), shopped, yes I always like to contribute to local economies, and just spent time together. 

Even through the rough patches, getting away from it all really puts things into perspective.  It also allows me to think outside the box about things I would like to do for RGD. I came up with a few new ideas, which I am excited about.  I will just have to find the time.  As with everything. 

In the meantime here is a little #vacation #armcandy!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Traveling & Jewelry

So I can not tell a lie, I love to travel.  Anywhere!  I love to go places 2 hours away, or 12 hours away.  And one of the nice things about having my business is I do get to travel, for shows, PR, buying gems, etc. 

Most recently I was planning to go to Amsterdam and then over to London, my PR firm is there, and I was hoping to maybe stop in and say hello.  Now I am not one to be "scared" but I have to say I am concerned about what is going on across the globe. 

After yesterday, I believe I will not be traveling to Amsterdam and London.  I want to but this is the thing.  I have a child.  I have a beautiful, sweet, fun little boy, who I would not put in harms way ever.  Now if you have read my blog, by now you know 1. my main priority is him 2. that he travels with me, everywhere!  I don't leave home without him.  So yes, he was going with me. 

Now if it were me alone, I would still go.  I would be on the plane, and would figure the rest out.  But I am a mommy now.  I have the responsibility to take care of him, be there for him, and make sure that he is safe and well loved. I take that job seriously!

So what am I saying, Amsterdam, London can wait.  There is always Skype or Facetime, right?

#jewelry #travel #jewelrydesigner #makingithappen #momlife #boutique #publicrelations #cherrypr

Monday, March 14, 2016

New Jewelry Designs

During my time designing and making jewelry, I have managed to get caught up in a few things.  Mostly that I have pieces, that I love to make, but that also sell very well.  They are all fun to do, and very much me, but what happens is through wholesale shows, trunks shows and selling online, those become my staples.  My bread and butter if you will.

But there is the is other part of me that loves doing bigger, chunkier pieces. 

Stone setting is so much fun!  I love finding Turquoise, Laramar, Aquamarine stones and finding them homes in metal.  It is so much fun and the outcome is usually something you want to wear forever.  But they are also more expensive to make therefore they cost more to the buyer, and there isn't always a market for it.

The last 2 shows that  I did, LV and SF, I decided to make a few "one of a kinds" and to see how they do.  Well both shows sold out on all of them.  Most buyers bought a piece or two to compliment the rest of their order.  To create a picture book, a story line, if you will.  It was so exciting for me to have those pieces, that I love making, purchased for stores.

So next I have decided to start creating more difficult pieces to have cast and to really expand my designs to pieces that hopefully will be adored by my customers and their customers, all over !

#jewelrydesigner #jewelry #gemstones #lasvegas #sanfrancisco #rosegilleydesigns

Friday, March 11, 2016

Jewelry and Social Media

I must belong to 1000 different groups online.  From Jewelry specific to women in business to Whiskey and Wine.  It in some ways is overwhelming.  In other ways it can be enlightening.  I have had great conversations with other women business owners to discuss our goals, how we structure our days, who we use for vendors, where we go for marketing and lots of other discussions.  And then sometimes it can be very overwhelming.

My objective is always to grow my business.  I have read a book about "Saying Yes" and in many ways I follow that motto.  I say yes to most things that are brought to me, within reason.  I clearly don't have a huge bankroll.  If I did my business would be at a whole other level, because money talks, but I will save that for another day.  But for the most part I say "yes". 

But with social media, there is this great community of people trying to figure it out.  Some have it done, others are still working towards it.  For me, it sometimes reminds me of all the work I haven't done yet.  Everything I thought I would have done by now, and that I still have a long way to go.

Now I understand many people would look at some of the things that have happened for me and say, yes you have done this, this and this.  And I agree, and understand.  But if you look at your goals, ie business plan, where is it you expect to be in your business, $$$?  What did you say would happen within 3,5,10 years out.  That for me, is the ultimate goal.

So when it comes to social media, it does wonders for my thought process, sometimes I find I get on a soapbox depending on the topic and what I have to contribute, sometimes I just read everything and don't make a peep.  Usually because I am thinking, OH I HAVE TO DO THAT!!!  But regardless what matters is that we remember our own paths.  Our own creations are important and all the other stuff, will come, in time.

#smallbusiness #socialmedia #jewelry #owningit #makingithappen #rosegilleydesigns

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Jewelry and Inspiration

What is the most fun about designing jewelry?  Playing!!

I get the most from spending time playing, not producing, filling orders, or even blogging, but playing.  It's amazing the ideas that come and the different possibilities that arise from just playing.  I play size, textures, metals, stones, different melting of metals, design, and whatever else I can play with.

I happen to find that this is the best part of designing.  As a one woman team, I don't get a lot of time to play.  You probably don't know this, but I blog at 6am in the morning, it is the only time I can.  The rest of the day is a whirlwind of calls, emails, orders, filling, shipping, oh and I have a 2 year old.  So I likely work maybe an hour a day and the rest is about him LOL

So the other day, I don't know how it happened, it must have been his nap, and I must have said fuck it to all the above, but I played.  And I came up with a few new ideas and love some of the pieces.

In addition I took my son to the bookstore the other day, he loves books.  And although it was for him, I was able to throw in 2 minutes to look at jewelry books for me.  And yes I bought a great book for metalsmiths.  I often do this, not for the techniques, although I always learn about new product, new ways of doing things, but for the pictures, the gallery and all the amazing inspiration!!
So I challenge you to step out, play, even if that means just going to the bookstore.

#bookstore #inspiration #jewelry #play #design #jewelrydesigner #rosegilleydesigns

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Selling Jewelry Online

So I sell most jewelry through stores and boutiques across the U.S.  I have worked hard over the years to put my business in wholesale shows and sell wholesale, it isn't easy.  Doing the shows sometimes can be discouraging if it is slow, if people aren't buying, etc.  And trust me, it happens to all of us.  Each business gets used to the flow eventually but it isn't easy.

In addition to wholesale shows, I sell retail, and more specifically online retail.  Now this is a different story.  Selling jewelry online is an art.  People will spend around $20-$30 online for jewelry without seeing it or touching it.  But my price point is a whole other deal.  It is a difficult price point.  My pieces aren't extravagant, and don't take days to make, so I don't sell them to galleries or at high price points.  But my pieces are all handcrafted, no casting, they are made with precious metals, and yes they require some skill level to make.  Therefore pricing has to be appropriate.  Not to mention I have to be the same if not more than my stores and boutiques.

Which leads me to this, selling retail online is crazy difficult!  I have Etsy, 11main, Amazon Handmade, and I think I sell one piece a month total.  I have many ideas as to why this is.  Those stores that have lower price points, sell more, therefore they often come up more in searches, they are talked about more, and shown more, simply because they sell more, their product may not be beautiful or unique or expensive, but people will pay for it, because it isn't expensive and they don't feel like they are losing out if something doesn't go right.

So, my suggestion.  Good pictures, everyone says that.  It's true.  But think about your price point.  Think about your product.  Look at what the others are doing, and what is selling.  Then decide.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jewelry and Styling

So I had my first experience in the life of a stylist last Monday in LA.  We flew down in the morning to meet with Ivan Bitton, a well known, respected stylist in the fashion industry, and honestly a really friendly man.

We arrived, after being somewhat lost, to an amazing space of fashion couture, jewelry, accessories, shoes that would make you cry and a room full of amazingly friendly people.  Ivan was there and greeted us upon arrival.  He had us walk his space and look through the clothing, designers and ask any questions we may have, he then had us sit and that is where the whirlwind began. 

We discussed fashion, his history, his knowledge, the people around him told us stories, we learned  how everyone got started, why they do what they do and most importantly why they all love it.  I have to say it was amazing and inspiring to be in a room full of people with passion for what they do.  An energy that honestly you don't see most places.

It was inspiring and overwhelming all at the same time.  It definitely put my dreams on another level. It was amazing, Oscars was the next weekend and so it was just buzzing in the style house. 

Truly though, there is so much out there for all of us.  It was great to be surrounded by that energy!!!

Here are some pictures, yes I look a little overwhelmed, but it was good.

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Monday, February 29, 2016

In Memory of my Dad

It has been 7 years since my dad passed away and it feels like yesterday.  Yesterday, in fact, was the day that I had found him gone, asleep, and that was it.  I am not found of February 28th at all.  It happens to create so much anxiety for me.  The month itself, the days leading up to it, and just the thought of it. 

This past 1/2 week I was in Humboldt County, where I am from, and specifically Trinidad Beach where my dads ashes are spread.  It was an amazing trip and I felt very relaxed, enjoying my son, the beach, the waves, and really feeling present.  It was a great way to pay my dad respect and celebrate his life.

When I returned Saturday I had received an invitation, late one, but still an invite, to a baby shower for yesterday, yes, February 28th.  I normally wouldn't spend the day celebrating, I would stay home, relax, and just be with my family.  But I decided to go.

Little did I know that I would spend the day with the most amazing group of women.  A group that is very close, but all family.  They were fun to be with, they laughed with each other, had great history, there were multiple generations, and just honestly made you feel like you were part of it. 

I am so thankful for that experience yesterday.  I walked away thanking them for allowing me to be part of their family for the day.  Such a blessing.  They come in so many ways. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jewelry Friendships

Several years ago I met a woman who essentially is someone I admire greatly.  She has an ease about her, she is dedicated to her children, a great wife to her loving husband, and an amazing artist.  She came into my life at such a difficult time.  In the year I met her I also lost my father very suddenly, my husband was having an affair (not my husband anymore), and it was just all around a difficult time. 

I met her at an event that we were both working at.  We immediately found a friendship with each other.  Our talks started about jewelry and all the experiences she had had in the jewelry world.  See she had done the things and experienced the things I was dreaming of.  And the best part, she was willing to share with me, the good, the bad, and the well interesting.  I felt so honored and fortunate.

But our conversations turned to personal, and we began to just talk life.  At one point during my difficult marriage, she asked me if my then husband was having an affair.  And I said to her, I asked, he said no.  I think she knew more than she would have ever let on about.  But as a good friend does, she didn't pass judgment. 

So here we are years and years later, we still get together once every month or so.  It's amazing what we talk about....LIFE.  And the last thing we try to squeeze in is jewelry.  Such a blessing are the people that you sometimes least expect. 

There is a gem everywhere.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Jewelry World

I recently read a book, I read books other than this one, but this is the one I am focusing on, and it talked about how there is room for all of us in this industry, or really any industry.  And it was truly right on.

With technology and access to so much now, things have changed.  The way we go about business has changed, what we need to do is not just have a great product but you have to inspire, you need to drive home a feel, an experience through your pieces.  That can be easy at times, at other times you can get lost in over thinking it all. 

For instance on Instagram, you can find every jewelry design that is out there, the looks, the designs, the culture of the product, the lifestyle that goes with the jewelry, is all different in and of itself, but there are some similarities. 

I often have people say, oh I have seen pieces "like" your pieces at.. .... And when I see the pieces I find that they are not anything like mine.  They are often different for a list of reasons, but most often because every piece I make is handmade by me.  So there are NO 2 alike.  And the differences add an element of specialty that isn't often there.  But I can still see how someone would see some similarities, but I also find that person isn't my client. 

My client sees the uniqueness in my designs, in each hammer, in each stone hand chosen, wire wrapped, each link that I create, etc.  That is my client.  When they wear my pieces they feel special and know that it was made with them in mind. 

So back to the book.  There is a place for all of us in all industries, because none of us are the same.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016

Tucson Today and Jewelry

So today is my normal day to fly to Tucson, every year for over a decade.  Right now I would be at the airport, my flight would leave within the next 30 minutes. I would be in Tucson by 1030, grab my car, and off to the Holidome, from there I would go to JOGS or maybe some of the road places along the way (there are so many venues).  Then off to AGTA to purchase some refined stones, cabs, etc.  Then maybe to some of the other venues, then back to Holidome, because I always forget something, and then back to the plane by 730 and home by 11.

Yes that is crazy!  But I have done that many, many years.  But there have also been the years that I have left today, same flight, landed same time, and then stayed for days, taking my time, exploring, figuring out new stones, ideas, sketching and just taking it all in.

Why not this year, I can't answer that.  I don't know what happened, it's like I didn't know it was coming.  I think I was too busy thinking about shows, where I was going to be at for wholesale, and creating pieces for that.  Clearly I have lost my mind!!!

So I am planning September, and I will make it.  Regardless. Next February I will also be in Tucson, 3 days, with my little one, so that will be interesting.  By the way, JOGS doesn't allow kids inside, just in case you were wondering where kids can go.  They can go everywhere,  but JOGS show. 

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tucson this week, What's on the Horizon?

I follow several jewelry designers on Instagram.  It is always inspiring to see what others are doing.  This week they all seem to be where I should be Tucson.  Now I went on in a post before about this, so I won't again, needless to say, I am going to a show this weekend, just a local one, and hopefully will find some fillers.

So what's on the horizon?  We were recently contacted by a LA Stylist and will be meeting with him this month.  It is very exciting, and the possibilities are endless, I hope.  I try not to get too excited each time something new comes along, but I can't help but think that it's the next step in our little business growing. 

People often ask what is it that I want to have happen...well here is my list:

1. Grow at a steady, solid rate, without out growing ourselves
2. Find those who are interested in working with me, and understand a small business
3. Find those that are good at creating and making jewelry
4. Be editorialized by major magazines
5. Find pieces/designs in appropriate relevant places, TV, magazines, ads, etc
6. Find appropriate investments
7. Enjoy the ride of course

Big list, long list, but I am patient and this is totally attainable!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Finding Gemstones

Since I am not going to Tucson, as I stated before, yes I am sad about that, I have been looking for the right businesses to purchase stones from online.  This may sound easy, but it isn't. 

I will likely only do this once, and for September I will go to Tucson, but in the meantime it is nice to have fillers.  So what do I need to consider, here are the following:

1.  Where did they come from?  Are the stones consciously mined?
2.  What do they look like? Are they good product or not?
3.  Hole size?  Can I get wire through the holes?
4.  Color?  Is it actually the true color that it shows?
5.  Faceted, are they? 

So how does one do this?  You have to read everything on the site.  Google the company.  Look for clear descriptions of product.  Look for clear pictures, obviously.  Be mindful of the return policy.  And the most obvious make sure that they aren't taking you for all you have.  Some companies will charge a large portion more online because you aren't looking at as many options as if you went to Tucson. 

So after all that, yes I have a few, but trust me, they are no Tucson.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tucson is coming

Every February for about 10 years I have taken the trip to Tucson, AZ to purchase my stones for the upcoming year.  This is a trip that I so look forward to for so many reasons.

1.  Tucson is a fun little city to visit
2.  I get such inspiration from all the gemstones, fossils, etc, it's amazing!
3.  I get to try new things that I didn't pick up the year before
4.  It allows me to stock up for the whole next year, I then don't have to worry about whether "I have enough?"
5.  It gives me an opportunity to use new stones, colors, shapes, facets, etc. that I wasn't using before

But this year, I am not going.  Why you ask?  Good question.  I sat down and really looked at my inventory and what I need/have, and decided I could make it to September at least, well maybe, maybe not.  But I am going to try.  Worst comes to worst I will have to fly somewhere and pick up stones.

Who am I lying to, I may just decide to go....... LOL

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Huffington Post 30 Day Challenge

Yes, I signed on.  At the beginning of the year, as with most years, I decided to revamp, reevaluate and just plane rethink how I am living my life.  Right or wrong.  For me, of course.  I clearly know what works for me isn't going to necessarily work for anyone else.  But for me it is ever changing and evolving.

As I mentioned in previous posts I have some people in my life that at I have been trying to move out of my life.  So when I saw the Huffington Post 30 Day Challenge to Happiness, I thought, why not?  It is easy you sign up for emails and every day they send you an email to help you get on track.  It's been great!

I may have not done everything, but I have stopped to think about each suggested item, whether I do it, and whether I need to do more of it.  For instance one was a vision board.  I totally need to do that, but my vision board is based on the clutter in my workroom and in my garage.  So I feel as though I need to go through those 2 things first, then I can do my vision board, so right now my vision board is empty LOL.

Today's was to plan a trip for yourself.  Now this I do regularly, without hesitation or apology.  If you want to join, you can, if not, well, I will send you pictures.  I personally love going to Vegas.  I know that may seem weird, since I always take my son, but it actually is pretty fun.  There are pools, circus circus, malls, great restaurants, shows, and it is an easy flight to vegas, not to mention it isn't too expensive. 

But in addition to Vegas, this year will be the year of the big mouse.  He will be 3 this year, and so I believe later in the year we will go see that large eared, big mouse.  So for now, I will finish up my challenge.  I am not sure if I am happier at this point, but I definitely think there are things I can do to become happier.  FYI, I am already happy, but whose to say there isn't an elated in life :)  Happy Trails!

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Personal Business.....

Do you find as you get older that the people in your life just seem to disappear, change, I don't know, they just aren't the same?

I have been faced with this the last couple of years, people in my life that truly aren't healthy, or kind, but that I keep hoping for the best.  You would likely be amazed at the people I no longer have in my life that should be.  But I think it is for the best.  But with each person comes questioning of our relationship, mourning what we had, and then moving on. 

There is this one last person that I am so ready to move on from.  But somehow I haven't been able to.  Until today.  She's that person who says hi, but then turns around and you know she really only cares about herself.  I really need to move on from her.  So last night, on Social Media, something popped up and it made me realize how big of a bitch she truly is.

So today, no more of this person.  I promise myself!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cost of Business.....

I have read a couple of books recently about starting businesses, women in business, the "do's" and "don'ts" of business and I have to say that it is all different and interesting.  I love hearing/reading about the different experiences that bring people to where they are with their business.  The trials and tribulations if you will.  But the one thing that always comes up for me is money.

Most business owners who write books don't often talk about where they found their start up money, or resources to use for start up.  Money is the main reason that those with money are successful and those without are not.  Money is what gives you freedom, choices, and allows you to make mistakes and still be ok afterwards.

In my business, one mistake can very costly.  It can change what I am able to do month to month.  One bad decision about advertising, about placement, about a show, so every move I make is made with great pondering on the possible outcomes of my choices.

I am sure most business owners go through this, I feel it is something that we don't all talk about.

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