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Monday, February 29, 2016

In Memory of my Dad

It has been 7 years since my dad passed away and it feels like yesterday.  Yesterday, in fact, was the day that I had found him gone, asleep, and that was it.  I am not found of February 28th at all.  It happens to create so much anxiety for me.  The month itself, the days leading up to it, and just the thought of it. 

This past 1/2 week I was in Humboldt County, where I am from, and specifically Trinidad Beach where my dads ashes are spread.  It was an amazing trip and I felt very relaxed, enjoying my son, the beach, the waves, and really feeling present.  It was a great way to pay my dad respect and celebrate his life.

When I returned Saturday I had received an invitation, late one, but still an invite, to a baby shower for yesterday, yes, February 28th.  I normally wouldn't spend the day celebrating, I would stay home, relax, and just be with my family.  But I decided to go.

Little did I know that I would spend the day with the most amazing group of women.  A group that is very close, but all family.  They were fun to be with, they laughed with each other, had great history, there were multiple generations, and just honestly made you feel like you were part of it. 

I am so thankful for that experience yesterday.  I walked away thanking them for allowing me to be part of their family for the day.  Such a blessing.  They come in so many ways. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jewelry Friendships

Several years ago I met a woman who essentially is someone I admire greatly.  She has an ease about her, she is dedicated to her children, a great wife to her loving husband, and an amazing artist.  She came into my life at such a difficult time.  In the year I met her I also lost my father very suddenly, my husband was having an affair (not my husband anymore), and it was just all around a difficult time. 

I met her at an event that we were both working at.  We immediately found a friendship with each other.  Our talks started about jewelry and all the experiences she had had in the jewelry world.  See she had done the things and experienced the things I was dreaming of.  And the best part, she was willing to share with me, the good, the bad, and the well interesting.  I felt so honored and fortunate.

But our conversations turned to personal, and we began to just talk life.  At one point during my difficult marriage, she asked me if my then husband was having an affair.  And I said to her, I asked, he said no.  I think she knew more than she would have ever let on about.  But as a good friend does, she didn't pass judgment. 

So here we are years and years later, we still get together once every month or so.  It's amazing what we talk about....LIFE.  And the last thing we try to squeeze in is jewelry.  Such a blessing are the people that you sometimes least expect. 

There is a gem everywhere.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Jewelry World

I recently read a book, I read books other than this one, but this is the one I am focusing on, and it talked about how there is room for all of us in this industry, or really any industry.  And it was truly right on.

With technology and access to so much now, things have changed.  The way we go about business has changed, what we need to do is not just have a great product but you have to inspire, you need to drive home a feel, an experience through your pieces.  That can be easy at times, at other times you can get lost in over thinking it all. 

For instance on Instagram, you can find every jewelry design that is out there, the looks, the designs, the culture of the product, the lifestyle that goes with the jewelry, is all different in and of itself, but there are some similarities. 

I often have people say, oh I have seen pieces "like" your pieces at.. .... And when I see the pieces I find that they are not anything like mine.  They are often different for a list of reasons, but most often because every piece I make is handmade by me.  So there are NO 2 alike.  And the differences add an element of specialty that isn't often there.  But I can still see how someone would see some similarities, but I also find that person isn't my client. 

My client sees the uniqueness in my designs, in each hammer, in each stone hand chosen, wire wrapped, each link that I create, etc.  That is my client.  When they wear my pieces they feel special and know that it was made with them in mind. 

So back to the book.  There is a place for all of us in all industries, because none of us are the same.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016

Tucson Today and Jewelry

So today is my normal day to fly to Tucson, every year for over a decade.  Right now I would be at the airport, my flight would leave within the next 30 minutes. I would be in Tucson by 1030, grab my car, and off to the Holidome, from there I would go to JOGS or maybe some of the road places along the way (there are so many venues).  Then off to AGTA to purchase some refined stones, cabs, etc.  Then maybe to some of the other venues, then back to Holidome, because I always forget something, and then back to the plane by 730 and home by 11.

Yes that is crazy!  But I have done that many, many years.  But there have also been the years that I have left today, same flight, landed same time, and then stayed for days, taking my time, exploring, figuring out new stones, ideas, sketching and just taking it all in.

Why not this year, I can't answer that.  I don't know what happened, it's like I didn't know it was coming.  I think I was too busy thinking about shows, where I was going to be at for wholesale, and creating pieces for that.  Clearly I have lost my mind!!!

So I am planning September, and I will make it.  Regardless. Next February I will also be in Tucson, 3 days, with my little one, so that will be interesting.  By the way, JOGS doesn't allow kids inside, just in case you were wondering where kids can go.  They can go everywhere,  but JOGS show. 

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tucson this week, What's on the Horizon?

I follow several jewelry designers on Instagram.  It is always inspiring to see what others are doing.  This week they all seem to be where I should be Tucson.  Now I went on in a post before about this, so I won't again, needless to say, I am going to a show this weekend, just a local one, and hopefully will find some fillers.

So what's on the horizon?  We were recently contacted by a LA Stylist and will be meeting with him this month.  It is very exciting, and the possibilities are endless, I hope.  I try not to get too excited each time something new comes along, but I can't help but think that it's the next step in our little business growing. 

People often ask what is it that I want to have happen...well here is my list:

1. Grow at a steady, solid rate, without out growing ourselves
2. Find those who are interested in working with me, and understand a small business
3. Find those that are good at creating and making jewelry
4. Be editorialized by major magazines
5. Find pieces/designs in appropriate relevant places, TV, magazines, ads, etc
6. Find appropriate investments
7. Enjoy the ride of course

Big list, long list, but I am patient and this is totally attainable!!!