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What's New?
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

KKPW Designs on My 58

See KKPW Designs and SADVC on My 58 this coming Friday at 7:20am Sacramento, California. We will be talking about domestic violence awareness and KKPW Designs support to end domestic violence. Tune in!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

KKPW Designs in San Francisco for Capsule Festival

Hello out there....to all my new SF friends that I was fortunate to make today. Thanks to Scott and Harris for allowing me to join the Capsule Festival on such short notice. It was a lively event with food, music, art and lots of people. I met many wonderful individuals and learned so much about each one of them. Including the women who just got married on Friday, and the ladies who help me pick up my display after the wind knocked it over, as well as the nice "indecisive" shopper as she called herself, but then immediately went home and placed an order with me. It really was a good time. I must say working a show alone makes for quite an interesting day. If it weren't for the helpful eye of SF's finest, I would never have made it to the bathroom. Other than that though, we survived. All in all, it was a good day...SF was cold, as it always is, but it was still a lot of fun!! Next up....KKPW Designs and the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center will be on KRCA News 3 this coming Friday, October 24th around 7:30 am. Don't forget to check us out!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

KKPW Designs and Octoberfest

I love October, the fall of the leaves, the racking of the leaves, the playing in the leaves, the first rain, the smell of the first rain...so much fun!!! I have felt the need to clean things out and start fresh including my design space. Of course, I must admit, it was with urge from my wonderful husband......he is always trying to get me to tidy up. I don't blame him, when I start designing, I can't stop and one thing leads to the next and the next....and boom it looks like an explosion occurred. So with my new clean area, I hope to find more space in my designs. We are looking forward to an upcoming article in twinsoup.com and sporkfashion.com, as well as potentially finding a couple more stores to work with. Thanks to Dina of Stellarocco, I have learned so much more, and have more to work with. She is a dynamic, small business owner who does great things with her clothing line as well as by giving back to the community.

Well as always we hope you visit us at www.kkpwdesigns.com HAPPY FALL!!!