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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cost of Business.....

I have read a couple of books recently about starting businesses, women in business, the "do's" and "don'ts" of business and I have to say that it is all different and interesting.  I love hearing/reading about the different experiences that bring people to where they are with their business.  The trials and tribulations if you will.  But the one thing that always comes up for me is money.

Most business owners who write books don't often talk about where they found their start up money, or resources to use for start up.  Money is the main reason that those with money are successful and those without are not.  Money is what gives you freedom, choices, and allows you to make mistakes and still be ok afterwards.

In my business, one mistake can very costly.  It can change what I am able to do month to month.  One bad decision about advertising, about placement, about a show, so every move I make is made with great pondering on the possible outcomes of my choices.

I am sure most business owners go through this, I feel it is something that we don't all talk about.

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