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What is the most fun about designing jewelry?  Playing!! I get the most from spending time playing, not producing, filling orders, or even...

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Traveling & Jewelry

So I can not tell a lie, I love to travel.  Anywhere!  I love to go places 2 hours away, or 12 hours away.  And one of the nice things about having my business is I do get to travel, for shows, PR, buying gems, etc. 

Most recently I was planning to go to Amsterdam and then over to London, my PR firm is there, and I was hoping to maybe stop in and say hello.  Now I am not one to be "scared" but I have to say I am concerned about what is going on across the globe. 

After yesterday, I believe I will not be traveling to Amsterdam and London.  I want to but this is the thing.  I have a child.  I have a beautiful, sweet, fun little boy, who I would not put in harms way ever.  Now if you have read my blog, by now you know 1. my main priority is him 2. that he travels with me, everywhere!  I don't leave home without him.  So yes, he was going with me. 

Now if it were me alone, I would still go.  I would be on the plane, and would figure the rest out.  But I am a mommy now.  I have the responsibility to take care of him, be there for him, and make sure that he is safe and well loved. I take that job seriously!

So what am I saying, Amsterdam, London can wait.  There is always Skype or Facetime, right?

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Monday, March 14, 2016

New Jewelry Designs

During my time designing and making jewelry, I have managed to get caught up in a few things.  Mostly that I have pieces, that I love to make, but that also sell very well.  They are all fun to do, and very much me, but what happens is through wholesale shows, trunks shows and selling online, those become my staples.  My bread and butter if you will.

But there is the is other part of me that loves doing bigger, chunkier pieces. 

Stone setting is so much fun!  I love finding Turquoise, Laramar, Aquamarine stones and finding them homes in metal.  It is so much fun and the outcome is usually something you want to wear forever.  But they are also more expensive to make therefore they cost more to the buyer, and there isn't always a market for it.

The last 2 shows that  I did, LV and SF, I decided to make a few "one of a kinds" and to see how they do.  Well both shows sold out on all of them.  Most buyers bought a piece or two to compliment the rest of their order.  To create a picture book, a story line, if you will.  It was so exciting for me to have those pieces, that I love making, purchased for stores.

So next I have decided to start creating more difficult pieces to have cast and to really expand my designs to pieces that hopefully will be adored by my customers and their customers, all over !

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Jewelry and Social Media

I must belong to 1000 different groups online.  From Jewelry specific to women in business to Whiskey and Wine.  It in some ways is overwhelming.  In other ways it can be enlightening.  I have had great conversations with other women business owners to discuss our goals, how we structure our days, who we use for vendors, where we go for marketing and lots of other discussions.  And then sometimes it can be very overwhelming.

My objective is always to grow my business.  I have read a book about "Saying Yes" and in many ways I follow that motto.  I say yes to most things that are brought to me, within reason.  I clearly don't have a huge bankroll.  If I did my business would be at a whole other level, because money talks, but I will save that for another day.  But for the most part I say "yes". 

But with social media, there is this great community of people trying to figure it out.  Some have it done, others are still working towards it.  For me, it sometimes reminds me of all the work I haven't done yet.  Everything I thought I would have done by now, and that I still have a long way to go.

Now I understand many people would look at some of the things that have happened for me and say, yes you have done this, this and this.  And I agree, and understand.  But if you look at your goals, ie business plan, where is it you expect to be in your business, $$$?  What did you say would happen within 3,5,10 years out.  That for me, is the ultimate goal.

So when it comes to social media, it does wonders for my thought process, sometimes I find I get on a soapbox depending on the topic and what I have to contribute, sometimes I just read everything and don't make a peep.  Usually because I am thinking, OH I HAVE TO DO THAT!!!  But regardless what matters is that we remember our own paths.  Our own creations are important and all the other stuff, will come, in time.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Jewelry and Inspiration

What is the most fun about designing jewelry?  Playing!!

I get the most from spending time playing, not producing, filling orders, or even blogging, but playing.  It's amazing the ideas that come and the different possibilities that arise from just playing.  I play size, textures, metals, stones, different melting of metals, design, and whatever else I can play with.

I happen to find that this is the best part of designing.  As a one woman team, I don't get a lot of time to play.  You probably don't know this, but I blog at 6am in the morning, it is the only time I can.  The rest of the day is a whirlwind of calls, emails, orders, filling, shipping, oh and I have a 2 year old.  So I likely work maybe an hour a day and the rest is about him LOL

So the other day, I don't know how it happened, it must have been his nap, and I must have said fuck it to all the above, but I played.  And I came up with a few new ideas and love some of the pieces.

In addition I took my son to the bookstore the other day, he loves books.  And although it was for him, I was able to throw in 2 minutes to look at jewelry books for me.  And yes I bought a great book for metalsmiths.  I often do this, not for the techniques, although I always learn about new product, new ways of doing things, but for the pictures, the gallery and all the amazing inspiration!!
So I challenge you to step out, play, even if that means just going to the bookstore.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Selling Jewelry Online

So I sell most jewelry through stores and boutiques across the U.S.  I have worked hard over the years to put my business in wholesale shows and sell wholesale, it isn't easy.  Doing the shows sometimes can be discouraging if it is slow, if people aren't buying, etc.  And trust me, it happens to all of us.  Each business gets used to the flow eventually but it isn't easy.

In addition to wholesale shows, I sell retail, and more specifically online retail.  Now this is a different story.  Selling jewelry online is an art.  People will spend around $20-$30 online for jewelry without seeing it or touching it.  But my price point is a whole other deal.  It is a difficult price point.  My pieces aren't extravagant, and don't take days to make, so I don't sell them to galleries or at high price points.  But my pieces are all handcrafted, no casting, they are made with precious metals, and yes they require some skill level to make.  Therefore pricing has to be appropriate.  Not to mention I have to be the same if not more than my stores and boutiques.

Which leads me to this, selling retail online is crazy difficult!  I have Etsy, 11main, Amazon Handmade, and I think I sell one piece a month total.  I have many ideas as to why this is.  Those stores that have lower price points, sell more, therefore they often come up more in searches, they are talked about more, and shown more, simply because they sell more, their product may not be beautiful or unique or expensive, but people will pay for it, because it isn't expensive and they don't feel like they are losing out if something doesn't go right.

So, my suggestion.  Good pictures, everyone says that.  It's true.  But think about your price point.  Think about your product.  Look at what the others are doing, and what is selling.  Then decide.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jewelry and Styling

So I had my first experience in the life of a stylist last Monday in LA.  We flew down in the morning to meet with Ivan Bitton, a well known, respected stylist in the fashion industry, and honestly a really friendly man.

We arrived, after being somewhat lost, to an amazing space of fashion couture, jewelry, accessories, shoes that would make you cry and a room full of amazingly friendly people.  Ivan was there and greeted us upon arrival.  He had us walk his space and look through the clothing, designers and ask any questions we may have, he then had us sit and that is where the whirlwind began. 

We discussed fashion, his history, his knowledge, the people around him told us stories, we learned  how everyone got started, why they do what they do and most importantly why they all love it.  I have to say it was amazing and inspiring to be in a room full of people with passion for what they do.  An energy that honestly you don't see most places.

It was inspiring and overwhelming all at the same time.  It definitely put my dreams on another level. It was amazing, Oscars was the next weekend and so it was just buzzing in the style house. 

Truly though, there is so much out there for all of us.  It was great to be surrounded by that energy!!!

Here are some pictures, yes I look a little overwhelmed, but it was good.

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