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What's New?
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New in the Showroom

New pieces on there way, seems to be my saying right now.  I did the SFIGF last month and was slammed with orders.  Little did I know I would fall behind, yes so behind that I keep running out of metal, that never happens.

So I have promises to get out stacks and stacks of rings, wonderful summer, frilly necklaces and unique hammered out earrings, all in the next week.  My inspiration has come from my Tucson trip this last month also.

Once a year I take the trip to Tucson stock up on stones and make big plans for them, and sometimes I actually get to them.  What will I do when I am done filling these must orders right now?  I will sit down with some of the prettiest turquoise you have ever seen and set the stones, create unique one of a kind rings, earrings, and cuffs, and maybe a pendant or two.  I can't wait!!!

In the meantime I put lots of love into my designs and orders that I am filling.  I love my new customers, from all over!!  What a blessing!!