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What's New?
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Will I ever.....

Be in shape again?  Seriously, will it happen. I think I have mentioned that I am a runner, well prebaby I was, now I am a jogger/tired person. I did the Nike half marathon this last weekend and honestly 5 months post baby I didn't do bad, 9:04 minute mile. But what was I before? 7:56, 7:59, 8:01 and so forth and so forth.

So you probably wonder what am I complaining about. It's not the run, it's the loss of self after a baby. It's all the changes you go through and no one could have prepared you for it. It is the grieving that you must do because you and your life as you know it are so different that 180 doesn't explain it.

But, I wouldn't change a thing. When I look into his little eyes, I know my life without him would have meant nothing in the end. I am so blessed.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Old is new again....

Depending on the person, you can wear my jewelry for years and everything is fine.  However, some people are a little harder on jewelry and as you can see, my pieces are delicate.  Neither person is right or wrong, but those that are a little harder on my pieces have a tendency to break them over time.  Most often I will hear things like, oh it's my favorite necklace, but it's broken can you fix it.  This is often years later, and I always say yes.

Now the fun part of this is getting to see pieces that I made years ago and have long since been forgotten, for a lack of a better word.   They are archived if you will.

Recently I got back a necklace that is just so much fun, and it reminded me of some of the pieces I used to make and how great they were....why don't I still make pieces like that?  Who knows what happened, as all things do, the tide has turns.

But it is a good reminder of something else.  So sometimes old really is new. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My favorite thing to do in......

My studio....

Well it's funny, I always look at others who tinker and I think, I don't do that. Wow, it must be nice to have tinker time. Well guess what, that's what I do, or at least it's my favorite thing to do in my studio, tinker.

I don't often get time for it, but when I do I like to see what new thing I can come up with, or play with ideas that I have had and just see how they come out. I would say 9 times out of 10 my "tinkering" goes no where, but I think it eventually is what leads to me a product, likely a week later, but I will take it!

Do you tinker?