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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Finding Gemstones

Since I am not going to Tucson, as I stated before, yes I am sad about that, I have been looking for the right businesses to purchase stones from online.  This may sound easy, but it isn't. 

I will likely only do this once, and for September I will go to Tucson, but in the meantime it is nice to have fillers.  So what do I need to consider, here are the following:

1.  Where did they come from?  Are the stones consciously mined?
2.  What do they look like? Are they good product or not?
3.  Hole size?  Can I get wire through the holes?
4.  Color?  Is it actually the true color that it shows?
5.  Faceted, are they? 

So how does one do this?  You have to read everything on the site.  Google the company.  Look for clear descriptions of product.  Look for clear pictures, obviously.  Be mindful of the return policy.  And the most obvious make sure that they aren't taking you for all you have.  Some companies will charge a large portion more online because you aren't looking at as many options as if you went to Tucson. 

So after all that, yes I have a few, but trust me, they are no Tucson.

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