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Thursday, October 6, 2016

New Website for Jewelry Designs

Do you own a business?  Do you want to?  What is difficult for you to keep up with?

For me it's wanting to change, update things all the time.  Make them fresh, renewed, inspiring, manageable, complimentary, relevant, all of the above.  It is never easy to come up with new ideas, new designs, new works.

It takes time, energy, focus, decision making, all of which I can do, but none of which I thoroughly do when it comes to certain issues.  As you may have figured out, my son is number one on my priority list.  Then comes my second child, my business.  Which is why I hired Lauren, to help, as like my nanny, with my second child.

So first on our agenda was updating the website.  If you have seen my work, then you know it is somewhat raw, organic, as I like to put it, perfectly imperfect.  It never looks the same, but is always colorful, honest, wearable, affordable, and complimentary.  So the website also needed to be.

Lauren created the background, a turquoise (my favorite), ocean feel using rough wood as the backdrop.  I use wood displays at market and this fit perfectly.  She redid my logo and gave me something a little softer, but still similar.  I like it, it is round, I like round!

Overall if you haven't seen the old site, well then you will not notice, but if you have and you haven't visited the new site, well please do so.  Let me know what you think!  I would love to hear!!  www.rosegilleydesigns.com

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