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What's New?
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Monday, July 18, 2016

Growth of Rose Gilley Designs

My little business has always been very little.  It has ebbed and flowed depending on the time of my life as well.  Five years ago it was growing and doing quite well.  Three years ago, a little guy came into my life and it definitely took a back seat to him. 

The last 3 years I have done a few things differently, not as many shows, I haven't traveled to Tucson once, I have stayed home more, played more with my son, and just let go a little.  Most recently I have given over the PR side to a firm, and now I have brought on a wonderful, bright, motivated women who has a great skill set.  Her name is Lauren and she is working for RGD as an intern.  Her background is in graphic design, and she is helping me with creating a new look, creating consistency among all the various sites that I have, and helping develop consistent concepts. 

It is exciting and definitely gets my thought process rolling on all the things I want to accomplish! So here is to seeing a few new things in the upcoming months!!! 

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