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What's New?
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Displays for Jewelry!!

Not an easy thing to do, find a way to display pieces, have them still show, but make sure the display isn't overwhelming.  It is something I struggle with myself when I am doing shows.  I am forever changing my displays, and often getting feedback from people at shows, therefore often keeping my questioning what I am doing.  So in my every changing goal of finding the perfect display, I figured I wasn't the only one looking for the right display....so here are just a couple and there are so many more.....you can use branches, use old bottles wrap pieces around the top of the bottles, use pieces of wood just on a table to lay pieces on, use staggering of boxes to add heighth, door knobs out of the wall or a piece of wood...the list goes on and on...do you have any ideas?