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What's New?
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Friday, June 10, 2011

June Jubilee

Back from the ACRE show in Vegas, lets just say it was a learning experience, one in which I will not be participating in, in the future!! But Vegas, as always, was a blast! The question at this point is what didn't we do? We walked, drank, ate, drank, walked and ate again. Went to all casinos, danced, and just had a good time!! The highlight was the top of the Stratosphere and the great view, cocktail, food and watching people jump off the side of the building, that is on my list of what to do next!!

So this June, i will relax, recoup and spend some time on me....that will be nice and much needed! Have a great June....oh and a good book, is the Kelly Cutrone Book, if you are going to cry go outside, (i think that is the title) it is pretty interesting!!