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Friday, July 27, 2012

I brake for anything fun!!

So in addition to jewelry I like to do and create just about anything.  Recently I had surgery and so I have been more still and stagnant than I have ever been, but I have caught up on all the tv shows as well....but I came across "I brake for yard sales"  by Lara Spencer.....this great show about yard sales, flea markets and creating rooms with the items purchased....amazing show if you like to reinvent things, your house, a friends place, or even your work space....so guess what, she also wrote a book about it....so in my medicated state I went on amazon bought her book, and 5 other books....have I lost my mind....possibly to some....but I think I have found my mind...with lots I want to do, now when can I get back on my feet????  Soon!!!