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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fashion Week Los Angeles

I can honestly say I have never attended a fashion week.  I read about them.  Wonder what they are like, but have never attended.  To be honest I wouldn't know how to go about attending, or maybe I have never wanted to put that much energy in to figuring out what I would need to do, but recently I received an invitation to attend LA fashion week.  So after much thought, I have decided to go. 

Why, you may ask?

I decided the experience alone would be great.  Just being able to feel the energy, see new designs, new designers, really an honor.  But also for many other reasons.  It seems to be about networking, meeting new people, bloggers, individuals in the fashion industry, finding (maybe) a designer who would like to wear my pieces down the runway with their clothing line.  I feel like anything is possible. 

Now, I have made some other decisions as well, that are a little different, so who knows, maybe this will shake things up a bit.  I don't know, but it is worth trying!!

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