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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jewelry Friendships

Several years ago I met a woman who essentially is someone I admire greatly.  She has an ease about her, she is dedicated to her children, a great wife to her loving husband, and an amazing artist.  She came into my life at such a difficult time.  In the year I met her I also lost my father very suddenly, my husband was having an affair (not my husband anymore), and it was just all around a difficult time. 

I met her at an event that we were both working at.  We immediately found a friendship with each other.  Our talks started about jewelry and all the experiences she had had in the jewelry world.  See she had done the things and experienced the things I was dreaming of.  And the best part, she was willing to share with me, the good, the bad, and the well interesting.  I felt so honored and fortunate.

But our conversations turned to personal, and we began to just talk life.  At one point during my difficult marriage, she asked me if my then husband was having an affair.  And I said to her, I asked, he said no.  I think she knew more than she would have ever let on about.  But as a good friend does, she didn't pass judgment. 

So here we are years and years later, we still get together once every month or so.  It's amazing what we talk about....LIFE.  And the last thing we try to squeeze in is jewelry.  Such a blessing are the people that you sometimes least expect. 

There is a gem everywhere.

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