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Monday, April 18, 2016

Social Media and Why It ISN'T Fair

So I am a small business, apparently.  And over the years as Facebook became the place to be for a business, especially small businesses, I have paid to send my business page out to followers on FB.   So now I have over 1700 followers on FB.  So that seems like a lot, and you would think that when you have that many followers, that when you post something at least a few hundred would see your posts.  And that many would actually like or comment.  However, not in my case.

In my case, sometimes only 10 will see my post, and most often the most is 20.  So why do I think this isn't fair.  First, I actually paid to advertise and received followers, but FB decides whose posts are important or whose aren't important enough to show to the world.  It's bullshit.  If it were truly fair, it would show all posts, regardless of what FB deems as "popular" and what they think isn't popular or important. 

So they pump those that are known and throw the others away.  What if those 1700 other followers actually want to see my post, what if it changed how my small business is looked at, maybe FB should reconsider their approach.

So now there is Instagram.  I have been on that for quite a while and have a couple hundred followers.  It has been pretty good for advertising and sharing my world.  Until recently.  I went from having a ton of views to very few.  Again, it's the same people deciding what's important and what isn't.  If you are being followed by someone then that person has chosen to watch you.  End of story.  In some ways FB/IG are no better than government.  They want to determine what you do, when you do it, what you spend, how you spend it, and then they decide what to do with it all in the end.

Do I sound frustrated, a little. In the scheme does in matter?  No.  But just the same, maybe it would matter if how they did things was for the good of all, and not just a few.

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