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Monday, July 25, 2016

What's Important in Life?

In today's world things are ever changing, and in some instances they can be scary.  I watch the news this morning regarding the shooting of teens in a night club in Florida and it breaks my heart.  I can't help but think about my son, and think about his life and his safety.

Sometimes in my day to day life I find myself getting caught up in what, honestly, isn't very important.  It seems like it in the moment, because you can get caught up in, this or that.  But ultimately whats most important are our loved ones.  Trying to step back and reflect on the big picture can sometimes be difficult.  But in the other hand it is necessary so as not to get caught up in those things that aren't important. 

That is why I have found myself doing more to enjoy my life with my son, and just a little less of focusing on the "other" stuff.  It has been great, and much needed.  I will continue to do that, as life is too short.  I know in my final days, breathes, it will always be about those I love. 

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