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What's New?
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

KKPW Designs at Serendipity

Our first ever trunk shows this coming month, May 1st and 2nd we have 2 shows. The first is at Serendipity at the Fountains in Roseville, the second downtown at Serendipity on H Street. We are so excited!! Still waiting for more people to sign up for our FREE GIVEAWAY, if you haven't yet see the directions below to enter. Each month a new piece!!! If you haven't been to Uptown Girl in El Dorado Hills yet, you must go, the newest clothing at affordable prices and the owner, Brie, is great!!! Oh and guess who reopened, midtown's own M.E. Boutique, check it out on J Street now. They are bigger and better!!!