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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Finding Gemstones

Since I am not going to Tucson, as I stated before, yes I am sad about that, I have been looking for the right businesses to purchase stones from online.  This may sound easy, but it isn't. 

I will likely only do this once, and for September I will go to Tucson, but in the meantime it is nice to have fillers.  So what do I need to consider, here are the following:

1.  Where did they come from?  Are the stones consciously mined?
2.  What do they look like? Are they good product or not?
3.  Hole size?  Can I get wire through the holes?
4.  Color?  Is it actually the true color that it shows?
5.  Faceted, are they? 

So how does one do this?  You have to read everything on the site.  Google the company.  Look for clear descriptions of product.  Look for clear pictures, obviously.  Be mindful of the return policy.  And the most obvious make sure that they aren't taking you for all you have.  Some companies will charge a large portion more online because you aren't looking at as many options as if you went to Tucson. 

So after all that, yes I have a few, but trust me, they are no Tucson.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tucson is coming

Every February for about 10 years I have taken the trip to Tucson, AZ to purchase my stones for the upcoming year.  This is a trip that I so look forward to for so many reasons.

1.  Tucson is a fun little city to visit
2.  I get such inspiration from all the gemstones, fossils, etc, it's amazing!
3.  I get to try new things that I didn't pick up the year before
4.  It allows me to stock up for the whole next year, I then don't have to worry about whether "I have enough?"
5.  It gives me an opportunity to use new stones, colors, shapes, facets, etc. that I wasn't using before

But this year, I am not going.  Why you ask?  Good question.  I sat down and really looked at my inventory and what I need/have, and decided I could make it to September at least, well maybe, maybe not.  But I am going to try.  Worst comes to worst I will have to fly somewhere and pick up stones.

Who am I lying to, I may just decide to go....... LOL

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Huffington Post 30 Day Challenge

Yes, I signed on.  At the beginning of the year, as with most years, I decided to revamp, reevaluate and just plane rethink how I am living my life.  Right or wrong.  For me, of course.  I clearly know what works for me isn't going to necessarily work for anyone else.  But for me it is ever changing and evolving.

As I mentioned in previous posts I have some people in my life that at I have been trying to move out of my life.  So when I saw the Huffington Post 30 Day Challenge to Happiness, I thought, why not?  It is easy you sign up for emails and every day they send you an email to help you get on track.  It's been great!

I may have not done everything, but I have stopped to think about each suggested item, whether I do it, and whether I need to do more of it.  For instance one was a vision board.  I totally need to do that, but my vision board is based on the clutter in my workroom and in my garage.  So I feel as though I need to go through those 2 things first, then I can do my vision board, so right now my vision board is empty LOL.

Today's was to plan a trip for yourself.  Now this I do regularly, without hesitation or apology.  If you want to join, you can, if not, well, I will send you pictures.  I personally love going to Vegas.  I know that may seem weird, since I always take my son, but it actually is pretty fun.  There are pools, circus circus, malls, great restaurants, shows, and it is an easy flight to vegas, not to mention it isn't too expensive. 

But in addition to Vegas, this year will be the year of the big mouse.  He will be 3 this year, and so I believe later in the year we will go see that large eared, big mouse.  So for now, I will finish up my challenge.  I am not sure if I am happier at this point, but I definitely think there are things I can do to become happier.  FYI, I am already happy, but whose to say there isn't an elated in life :)  Happy Trails!

#Huffingtonpost #30DayChallenge #jewelry #lifechallenge #happiness

Friday, January 15, 2016

Personal Business.....

Do you find as you get older that the people in your life just seem to disappear, change, I don't know, they just aren't the same?

I have been faced with this the last couple of years, people in my life that truly aren't healthy, or kind, but that I keep hoping for the best.  You would likely be amazed at the people I no longer have in my life that should be.  But I think it is for the best.  But with each person comes questioning of our relationship, mourning what we had, and then moving on. 

There is this one last person that I am so ready to move on from.  But somehow I haven't been able to.  Until today.  She's that person who says hi, but then turns around and you know she really only cares about herself.  I really need to move on from her.  So last night, on Social Media, something popped up and it made me realize how big of a bitch she truly is.

So today, no more of this person.  I promise myself!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cost of Business.....

I have read a couple of books recently about starting businesses, women in business, the "do's" and "don'ts" of business and I have to say that it is all different and interesting.  I love hearing/reading about the different experiences that bring people to where they are with their business.  The trials and tribulations if you will.  But the one thing that always comes up for me is money.

Most business owners who write books don't often talk about where they found their start up money, or resources to use for start up.  Money is the main reason that those with money are successful and those without are not.  Money is what gives you freedom, choices, and allows you to make mistakes and still be ok afterwards.

In my business, one mistake can very costly.  It can change what I am able to do month to month.  One bad decision about advertising, about placement, about a show, so every move I make is made with great pondering on the possible outcomes of my choices.

I am sure most business owners go through this, I feel it is something that we don't all talk about.

#magazines #wholesale #shows #jewelry #placement

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

SF Market, Good or Bad?

So here it is a couple days after the show, I am back in Sacramento.  Bags are unpacked, jewelry is shipped out for photography, orders are reviewed, money spent has been reviewed, and the damages have been reviewed.

Going into every show, you never know what to expect. It is actually the scary part about this business.  Are there going to buyers?  Who knows, it is a guess, but often looking at the buyer history is going to give you a good gauge, and not just taking the shows word for it.  Are there going to be good buyers?  That is a question that is individual to each company that is showing.  Why?  Because what I consider good, and what another company considers good are all relative.

So for SF Market, how was it?  SLOW!!!  There were hardly any buyers on the floor, in particular the first 2 days.  Not historically the show is Sat-Tues this one they moved from Fri-Mon.  So normally Saturday is slow, just the nature, but now Friday and Saturday were slow.  Sunday definitely picked up and Monday (when most stores are closed and like to shop) they cut the show by an hour, which really upset stores.  There was no time to shop (the show normally stays open till 6, but Monday, closing day, it was changed from 3 to 2).

So overall how did RGD do?  We did good, considering.  But had the buyers have been there, we would have done great!!   There was a time I would do that show and write more orders than I thought I could keep up with, but those days aren't here. 

It is almost cause for revamping shows!!!  Well next show who knows!!  But I am off to make lots of jewelry and to ship to many new stores.  Hopefully one near you!!!

#SFMarket #jewelry #rosegilleydesigns #stores #boutiques #gifts #fashion

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Facebook, decluttering

I use lots of social media for my business. It is something that I am constantly learning about, and still very uninformed about but I am trying.  I have Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, and probably some I am not even aware of.

But recently on Facebook what I have found is that, through my business page, there is very little engagement.  I have over 1700 followers and I will put post after post of different things, items, jewelry, experiences, and not only does it have very few likes, but it will also have very minimal views. 

So it bodes the question, is Facebook not relevant anymore?  I would be interested in knowing the average age of Facebook user, I believe it is an older group, not the younger generation, however, the younger generation is not my target group.  But does that mean that I should stop using Facebook?  I am not sure.

I guess for now I will continue to use it, maybe it's me that needs to revamp my tactics when posting to my business FB.  I don't know.  Food for thought.  I will have plenty time to think about during my next show, SF Market!!

#SFMarket #Facebook #jewelry #gifts #buyers

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My first choice of metal....

Many years ago when I first started metalsmithing I would use copper.  Why you might ask?  Well there is the obvious, price.  I could purchase a huge sheet of copper for practically nothing, but what I found out along the way was a few other things.

Copper has the perfect rosey tone without the cost.  It is sometimes mistaken for rose gold fill, not quite as pink of course, but for someone not paying close attention, they may not notice.

The patina of copper is quite pretty.  You can of course add your own or the one that it develops on its own over time is also quite nice, and with a little polishing you can bring out the copper and leave the patina, quite pretty.

The last reason is that it is easy to work with.  You can get it in all gauges, there is solder that can be used on copper, and you can make beautiful jewelry for none of the cost.  Great way to break into jewelry metalsmithing, without breaking the bank!!

#metalsmithing #rosegilleydesigns #jewelry #copper

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Silversmithing, What do you do?

People always ask me, how did you get started?  That is a good question.  I started a long time ago with an interest in jewelry, all beading and loved it.  I had friends who liked my pieces and because it was a hobby I liked doing craft shows and selling my pieces. 

After beading for a while, I was interested in doing more and so I found a local bead shop where I learned some more difficult ways to bead and then also started taking courses in several different mediums, including learning how to create pendants out of dominos.  Not everything was for me, but everything definitely taught me a new perspective, and added to my tool box of things that could be  done.

Then I decided to take a metalsmith course at a local school (I was lucky there was one).  I found them through our Learning Exchange in Sacramento, and paid $150 for a full day of learning about silversmithing.  That price is almost unheard of now, but back then it was expensive, especially for a hobby.

I then met someone who had some experience, and she helped me tremendously, answering my questions and showing me a variety of techniques and the "right" way to do things. 

I then found Iris Sandkuhler, who happened to live about 2 hours from me, but offered courses online, http://www.sandkuhler.com/ but instead of taking a class online I went to her studio and spent a wonderful day with her.  She opened my eyes up to the primary medium I use now, fine silver, but she showed me riveting, and some other techniques, that aren't difficult, but that I didn't feel comfortable taking on.

And last, while I was pregnant, knowing it would be a long time before I got to take another course, I went to the Alan Revere Academy in San Francisco and took Metalsmithing. 

I am happy to say that now there are some good places online that you can learn the simple techniques for cheap:  www.jewelrylessons.com, www.beaducation.com are two good ones that I am familiar with.  Not to mention you can watch www.youtube.com and see just about anything on designing/creating jewelry. 

But there is nothing like being in the studio with someone getting that direct attention.  Check out your local shops, schools, programs and see what you find.  Just google it!

#jewelry #irissandkuhler #beaducation #jewelrylessons #alanrevereacademy #metalsmithing

Monday, January 4, 2016


I love taking a vacation, a holiday, whatever it is to spend time with the ones that you love.  In particular I get to spend a ton of time with my son and he is at that age where every day is something new. 

Over the last 2 weeks that I have been on vacation I have been able to sit back and watch how much he changes, day to day, minute to minute, as opposed to when I am working and miss the day stuff, and then catch up when I get home at night.

Most recently, outside of his first accident I posted about last week, he speaks so eloquently.  He is so sweet and says "yes please" and "no thank you" to just about everything.  When he is asked a question, he answers the question with an answer and restates the question.  It is like listening to a well spoken adult when he speaks.  It is in some ways, hilarious.  He will say things like "that's not fair", or "I am not ready", or the funniest is when it's time to end something he likes doing, he says "2 more minutes mom". 

Anyways, what's the point?  Stop and enjoy the little things.  That make a big difference.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year, New Post, Resolutions!!

I have a new years resolution, doesn't everyone?  Isn't there something that you want to do different, better, new?  I always have this ongoing tally in my head of all the things that I want to do for the new year, and here they are:

1.  Eat better
2.  Exercise differently
3.  Let the past be in the past
4.  Focus on the future
5.  Do more specific jewelry designs, that I like
6.  Let go of those that you have outgrown
7.  Connect with those that you have things in common with
8.  Go to school/class
9.  Accept that I make mistakes, and it is ok
10. Accept that others make mistakes, and that it is ok

So there are just some.  Lots to do, right?  Yeah, I think it is in my nature to bite off more than I can chew, but I am going to try it anyway.  What would your list look like?  Doesn't mean you have to do it.