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What's New?
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

March Madness, so they say....

March is my favorite time of year, because the rains come and take any of the remaining dreary winter blues right away, well at least in theory. Unless of course the rain just keeps coming and well by now it should be over. But regardless, each day I wake up hoping for signs of my favorite time of year. And as soon as I see a glimpse, I am running to the nursery to find plants, new plants, different colors, sizes and variety, to plant in my yard, mostly to take over for those that didn't make it through the rotten winter.

Now don't get me wrong, winter has its moments, those cozy nights next to the fire, some nice wine, a good meal, great movie....but really spring just hits it out of the park!!! So with the new comes new designs for me...and as always new hopes for some good books. I am currently looking for good books on Buddhism. Not hard to find, I just haven't made it to the bookstore as of late. However, the last book store I made it to was in Portland, Oregon, it was a private bookstore named, Powell's, the most amazing place I have been, floors and floors of books, new, used, lightly used, and barely browsed. What is a girl to do with just a few short moments to spare there, run up and down on the flights like a crazy woman!! What else!!! Just wish it could have been longer!!

Well this spring, we are going to take it a little easy at RGD, after New York, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, I am pooped!!! I am going to do some trunk shows, a few wine shows, and just take it easy. Who knows whats on the horizon, but from what I hear, it will have lots of floors of exciting new things!!!!