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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Facebook, decluttering

I use lots of social media for my business. It is something that I am constantly learning about, and still very uninformed about but I am trying.  I have Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, and probably some I am not even aware of.

But recently on Facebook what I have found is that, through my business page, there is very little engagement.  I have over 1700 followers and I will put post after post of different things, items, jewelry, experiences, and not only does it have very few likes, but it will also have very minimal views. 

So it bodes the question, is Facebook not relevant anymore?  I would be interested in knowing the average age of Facebook user, I believe it is an older group, not the younger generation, however, the younger generation is not my target group.  But does that mean that I should stop using Facebook?  I am not sure.

I guess for now I will continue to use it, maybe it's me that needs to revamp my tactics when posting to my business FB.  I don't know.  Food for thought.  I will have plenty time to think about during my next show, SF Market!!

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