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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

SF Market, Good or Bad?

So here it is a couple days after the show, I am back in Sacramento.  Bags are unpacked, jewelry is shipped out for photography, orders are reviewed, money spent has been reviewed, and the damages have been reviewed.

Going into every show, you never know what to expect. It is actually the scary part about this business.  Are there going to buyers?  Who knows, it is a guess, but often looking at the buyer history is going to give you a good gauge, and not just taking the shows word for it.  Are there going to be good buyers?  That is a question that is individual to each company that is showing.  Why?  Because what I consider good, and what another company considers good are all relative.

So for SF Market, how was it?  SLOW!!!  There were hardly any buyers on the floor, in particular the first 2 days.  Not historically the show is Sat-Tues this one they moved from Fri-Mon.  So normally Saturday is slow, just the nature, but now Friday and Saturday were slow.  Sunday definitely picked up and Monday (when most stores are closed and like to shop) they cut the show by an hour, which really upset stores.  There was no time to shop (the show normally stays open till 6, but Monday, closing day, it was changed from 3 to 2).

So overall how did RGD do?  We did good, considering.  But had the buyers have been there, we would have done great!!   There was a time I would do that show and write more orders than I thought I could keep up with, but those days aren't here. 

It is almost cause for revamping shows!!!  Well next show who knows!!  But I am off to make lots of jewelry and to ship to many new stores.  Hopefully one near you!!!

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