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What's New?
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Year

So for the new year, with regards to reading "The Happiness Project", it makes me want to start a year of working on being "happier". I almost want to follow Gretchen's same path, with a few tweeks here and there, that is for sure!! But the first month of her plan, she cleans and organizes...I love it. Although I have spent most of this year doing that, I am going to reinforce my organizing by going over and through everything in January. February will be month of doing something new....what does that mean? Well how about going to a museum I haven't been to, reading a new book, donating to a new organization, taking up cooking (that would be new for me, maybe I should start with a class first)...I know there is so much more to do, but I am going to start with the first two months for now. As for the jewelry business, I am going to apply the same philosophy. Get organized. Then try something new, a new technique, class, develop a new skill. Sounds so exciting and inspiring to me!! Hope your December has started out great!!

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