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Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Small Business Bites the Dirt

A couple of weeks ago, maybe longer, I received a notice from this great boutique I was in, French Hen, that they were closing. I was so sad to hear it, it was a great boutique that was run by a woman named Nicole and her wonderful mother, and sometimes Nicole's children. It had a very French feel, Parisian flare and couture uniqueness. I loved to go in there, it was everything I wanted my home to feel like. Then the other week I receive an email that a great site, Posh Mama, was closing. This site focused on mother's, delivering information and various giveaways to mothers, and they did a wonderful job.

But with the economy and lack of support from the immediate community these boutiques and others will continue to go out of business. In a country that allows people to dream big and then encourages originality, we somehow don't support it once it is established.

It is saddening. I challenge all the big businesses, making all the money and often monopolizing various industries to spend just as much time encouraging, supporting and directing people and monies to small businesses in their communities. It can only be good for the whole.

So I am off my soap box!!

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