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What's New?
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Copper, Copper, Copper

So I use copper in my designs, it is fun to work with and sometimes takes on a rose color, much cheaper than rose gold. Copper has healing properties that alleviate cramp-like pains from menstruation, now that is great! It also is said to promote smooth funtioning of glands. Copper is good for the heart chakras and prepares one for meditation. It is found in the US and all over the world. Copper should be cleaned with hematite stones, and should not come into contact with water.

So I have updated the website...again. I need change, constantly, keep looking for the right look, the right feel...something new. It is almost like cleaning out my closet in some ways.

I was also fortunate to have two good friends of mine, Darcy and Alexa of Me & D, model my jewelry for me. They took so many pictures so I have something to show what pieces look like while being worn.

So up this week is a Holiday Bazaar at Parkside Pharmacy, I am telling you that place is so cute!! And then between now and January 8th, I will be working to get ready for the San Francisco International Show...so excited, I hope it is a good show.

It is time to start thinking about my new year's resolution and in preparation I bought "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin. I am only about 30 pages into it, and I am loving it!!!

Hope all had a great Thanksgiving...enjoy the upcoming holiday festivities. Up next will be....Jasper. Thats fun!!!

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jenallaboutpink said...

I LOVE seeing all your new and beautiful pieces you are creating! Although we might be far apart, its great to see all the awesome creations that brings me and so many others happiness:-)