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Friday, December 3, 2010

Sacramento, California

So living in the same town that you grew up in can be not so much fun...sometimes. It can feel like nothing is new and everything is the same. Which of course can be boring. But then you start to realize that there are some great benefits to "the same ol thing".

Well of course the obvious...I never get lost, which is lovely, I know where all the boutiques are, and the malls as well, I can find my favorite greek restaurant in a heartbeat, and know my massage spa phone number by heart (oh and they know me). Because I have been in the same place for so long, it is comfortable, stable and yes it is still fun.

I have been fortunate to run into people throughout town that have been huge supporters of me, kkpw designs, and what I create. So tonight I turn on the news, and Adrienne Bankert of Channel 3 is wearing my earrings. She is a sweet person, I met her several years ago at a fashion event, and she has been kind and supportive of my designs since then. Not to mention the support I have received from Good Day Sacramento, thanks Jackie, and various local blogs. But the best part of being in your home town, is that people appreciate my designs and that they are local, and that my pieces reflect Sacramento, or should I say Sacramento has had an effect on me, therefore an effect on my designs.

Best of Sacramento was last night, it was fun, and do you know how many people I ran into from all different parts of my life. Too many to count, but it reminded me that sometimes, there is new in old, you just have to be open to it!!

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