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What's New?
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Ladies Night Out

Last night was ladies night out at the Citizen Hotel, thanks to my delightful girlfriends for going with me. We had a little drink, little food and got to see some local boutiques and local businesses. Thanks to Serendipity and Face It for showing off my pieces as well.....that was very sweet of you!!!

What's new....well Dec 4th is an open house at the Parkside Pharmacy, did I mention it is a boutique, in William Land Park, so I will be working on pieces for that. And guess what, San Francisco International Gift Show is just around the corner, I barely have time!!! But I will get it together!!

Oh and the pieces that I got at last weekends Antique Faire, to incorporate into my designs.....lovely!! Can't wait to use them. Have a great weekend!!

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