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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Jewelry and the Ocean

I was recently fortunate to spend some time in Mexico.  Cabo San Lucas to be exact.  There are lots of places people love to go, but I love the ocean.  If you have seen my jewelry then you probably get that feeling, that I am inspired by the ocean.

During my time there, I was able to do nothing but relax, well relax as much as a mother of a 2 year old can, but that is far more relaxing then I do at home. 

I was able to get a massage (the 2nd in 2 years), I ran on the beach, I stayed up later then usual, as did my son.  It was a great time!  But there was nothing as good as spending time on the beach, with the waves, in the ocean, with the sky above and the wonders below.  Oh it was spectacular!  What was even better about it was that I got to spend that time with my son.

It is fun to watch him fall in love with the sea as I have.  He says "ocean" and it is so sweet, but it also sounds like "oh shit" when he says it, which you can't help but laugh.  He speaks Spanish so he calls the beach playa and beach of course, but he loves the sand.  He loves in under his toes, in his hands and in a bucket.

Overall our time was great!!  I wouldn't change if for the world, well except to spend more time there!!

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