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What's New?
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Old is new again....

Depending on the person, you can wear my jewelry for years and everything is fine.  However, some people are a little harder on jewelry and as you can see, my pieces are delicate.  Neither person is right or wrong, but those that are a little harder on my pieces have a tendency to break them over time.  Most often I will hear things like, oh it's my favorite necklace, but it's broken can you fix it.  This is often years later, and I always say yes.

Now the fun part of this is getting to see pieces that I made years ago and have long since been forgotten, for a lack of a better word.   They are archived if you will.

Recently I got back a necklace that is just so much fun, and it reminded me of some of the pieces I used to make and how great they were....why don't I still make pieces like that?  Who knows what happened, as all things do, the tide has turns.

But it is a good reminder of something else.  So sometimes old really is new. 

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