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Friday, January 7, 2011


Set up done for SF show, I think it looks good, although it could always look better. Made 8 trips to unload my car and get everything into the booth, thought I was going to blow my back out!!! Once that was done....walked one hundred miles to a boutique in SF that my pieces are in and 100 miles back, exhausted, but never too much to go to Union Square and do just a wee bit of shopping! I didn't buy anything but I love to look!

Got the show guide for SF show, www.sfigf.com, and there are many great companies there....although my booth is surrounded by jewelry designers, not my favorite, but it is what it is...speaking of which just down loaded that song....good song!

I have help tomorrow, which is greatly appreciated, and in order to get over my major back pain, I took a nice soak...the gym at my hotel is great!

So tomorrow wish me luck, send good thoughts, and who knows maybe you will see my designs in a store near you soon!!

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