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What's New?
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is May Here?

So I have been horribly bad the last month. No posts, no winners to the giveaway and no giveaway for May. Well life has happened, things have changed and people have to. Myself included. So I will announce the March giveaway winner, but we will not be doing anymore giveaways, I am sorry to say.

As for the jewelry world, KKPW Designs (that would be me) will be on Good Day Sacramento next week, I believe May 25th at 6am to be exact. I am very excited about that. We have lots to prepare for including making my studio area presentable. At this point it is so far from that. But I will accomplish my goal!!!

Hope all are doing well in blogging world!! I will announce the March winner shortly, and yes I will post it!!


Cassidy McKay said...

You have such beautiful designs!

I saw you on Good Day Sacramento, and it seems that you did get your studio in tip-top shape!

I think I'm going to be purchasing some of your jewelry, both for myself and for contests that I run.

Glad to have found you!

Cassidy McKay
Romance Author

Unknown said...

Thank you Cassidy for your comments!!! I will need to visit your site!!