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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pieces of Jewelry

Hello....what do you do when things beyond your control keep happening? How do you deal with it? What do you focus on?

These are all things that I have been forced to think about lately. More like in the last year. It is funny how you think life is going one way, and then boom, it takes this unbelieveable turn. It is for the better? Is it for the worse?

Who knows. I don't. But I am trying to find direction. In something. Some days easier than others. Some days I feel like there was an explosion in my heart and in my head. I am fortunate, I have lots of good friends to get me through those crazy days.

I have friends who bring me laughter, who bring me joy and who allow me to just be me. Not everyone gets that. Not everyone is fortunate enough to spend days as they are, without question.

Some of my best days are alone. It feels good sometimes to just be stuck with myself....that is funny!!

Well the one thing I am trying to do is refocus on my designs. I have stepped away at random times in the last year, but in the upcoming year I have great plans. I plan to move forward with the pieces that I am passionate about, regardless of what others are inclined to like. I plan to make plans to do the New York show. I want to do that so much!! I am going to go to school, yes, the self taught girl is going to go to be schooled. I am so excited about that!! I have wanted it for years, and I just kept putting it on the back burner. No more!!

So, I have this new found faith in putting my goals out there...I mean literally, look where I have put them. On the world wide web....lol. So my challenge to you...put one dream/wish/desire out there...for the world....I promise if you believe in it, it will come one way or another.

Life takes us down a road for a reason...sometimes we just don't know until later.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!!

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