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Saturday, December 21, 2013


When my dad passed away almost 5 years ago, I became overly protective of those around me. He died so suddenly that I became fearful of losing anyone else. Consequently, within the year I had 2 friends die, my mother decide she didn't want to be in my life, and my husband at that time decided to look elsewhere for companionship. Not only had my dad, my best friend and biggest supporter passed, but those in my life really showed their true colors.

So here I am today, in this whole new space. It's light, pleasant, warm, and I embrace it. I am thankful for it. But at that same time, I have those fears of loss with me. But with my little one, I am truly being challenged.  What I tell my friends all the time about their kids is, if your kids are self sufficient, on their own, or just happy you have down a good job. You should be thrilled that your child is independent. S, for 7+ months my little boy has been sleeping right next to me. For so many reasons. Not in the bed, but in his bassinet. So today is the day, I am giving him his space. Into his own room, where he can stretch out, he can sleep in peace, and he will be just a little more independent.

Nothing more a parent wants for their child, happiness, independence, and joy. That's what my dad wanted for me.

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