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Saturday, September 21, 2013

I am a runner....

But that also means that I have some pain. Not much. I am lucky that way. I have run many half marathons and I enjoy it and feel accomplished when I am done. However, I also see a chiropractor for maintenance purposes. He keeps me aligned and on top of my game.

Recently he said that I should read the book Chi Running. That I would enjoy learning how to run correctly. I thought, what I dont run correctly? Why would that ever cross someone's mind. Well because turns out I don't run correctly.

So I began to read the book. Wow, move my body in the same direction? That's an idea. Breathe as if I am in yoga, another idea. Lean forward, center my body, tuck my pelvis, all great ideas!

So I did them and lo and behold it works. Now it requires a lot of thought but it works. As I am running I see a man I often see while I am running, and I envy him. He is fluid, almost like he is floating and I realize...ahhh Chi Running!

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