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Saturday, July 20, 2013

I love recommendations from people

I have been so fortunate to go into stores over the years and random people tell me things they like or what they desire and I then search them out and try them.  So here are a couple things that have stuck with me over the years:

1.  Anthropologie candles, I love them!! Can't live without them, why?  The smell is fantabulous!!

2.  Viva 1/2 paper towels, yes sounds crazy but why do we need a full size towel for anything...lol

3.  Smokehouse Almonds, someone bought them for me once, kind of an accident, an accident that I am in love with!!! Eat them constantly..........

4.  Store I love....Zara.  When I was 21 I went to Spain with some friends, I went into Zara there ( we didn't have them here, this was about 17 years ago) and I found the most wonderful sweater, total splurge ($35), of course a friend borrowed it and I never got it back.  But then I was in Vegas one time and there it was...in the Fashion Mall...Zara, and I go to it every time I am there, and of course in San Francisco, or any other place that has a Zara

5.  Now for my recommendation.  I highly recommend that every woman takes at least one vacation alone.  And this can be a day vacay or a week, but a vacation where you do what you want, when you want, how you want.  It sounds selfish, and splurgey, but I have to say, I have done it for years.  I have sworn to a good friend that it is the best thing you can do, and she has doubted me.  Well she did it, and she said she had no idea...but she is hooked, someway, some how, she will make it happen again....now that's a recommendation that I highly encourage you take. 

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