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What's New?
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May Madness

April flew by, one more year under the birthday belt, and yet I feel a little more spring in my step....or maybe that is just spring!

Thanks to Rose and Thorn in Sebastopol for hosting a trunk show for us the other weekend, the property and store there is unbelieveable and a must visit if you are ever on your way to Bodega Bay!!

Next we have ACRE show in Vegas...yes Viva Las Vegas, or is it lost wages? I can never remember, I suppose it depends on who you are!! For me it will be Viva los Work!!!

We hope the show goes well and we meet buyers of great boutiques and galleries interesting in carrying our one of a kind pieces. Also, check out www.zulily.com May 21 - 23 this month, we will be featured under the new designer category and I have handmade 90 pieces only, they have 2.5 million customers, to sell, these are exclusive pieces and can only be obtained from them for 3 days....so visit!!!! Happy May!!

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