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Thursday, October 1, 2009

September Winner!!! October Events!!

Congratulations to Jennifer57 who just won a gold filled and tourmaline bangle from our September giveaway!! We hope she enjoys it!!

This October see KKPW Designs at Rominger West Winery on October 11th from 12 to 5, they are hosting a fall event with plenty of vendors, food and wine. October 24th you can visit Serendipity at the Roseville Fountains for a KKPW Designs Trunk Show. Come see our one of a kind designs and be the first to try some of our new pieces.

October's Giveaway will be posted shortly. Stay tuned and sign up to enter when it is posted next!! Happy October!!!


jennifer57 said...

Yay! You have made my day :)

Do I need to email you my address? I can't remember if I put my address in when I signed up at your site.

thanks :)

aka: jennifer57

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer,

You can email me your address that is fine. Congrats!! Email to knickknack1@hotmail.com

We will ship it this coming week!!

jennifer57 said...

Great :) I'll email it to you now.

jennifer57 said...

The bracelet arrived and I LOVE it! It's so pretty! I'm having a hard time deciding if I should keep it for myself or give it to my teen daughter :)
thanks again!!!!