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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

KKPW Designs and Tucson, Arizona

Yes we just got back from Tucson, Arizona where the largest gem show is offered once a year....don't think that we didn't find some of the most amazing stones including....opals, sapphires, amethyst, rubies, tourmaline, spinel, pearls and so much more....the weather was great and our hotel was wonderful, beautiful with the best food you have ever had. We spend 2 full days walking the show, and yes buying. There were so many great stones to see and oooo and ahhh at, some we could definitely invest in and some that we just wanted to look at and dream of using in our designs. Overall though, I give the trip an A+, already planning for next year, now that is exciting!! Look for some great new designs using our great new finds real soon!!!
Also, if you haven't checked out Stringing Magazine, go to http://www.stringingmagazine.com/contributors.asp to see KKPW Designs as a contributor with the magazine coming out on the news stand this month. More to come as always!!!

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